What is Periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease affects the gums, bone and other supporting tissues of the teeth. Signs are not always obvious as the disease can progress painlessly, sometimes bleeding gums, loose, moving or gaps developing between teeth or bad breath are warning signs. Most individuals suffer gum inflammation from time to time; however, approximately 10% of the population appear to suffer from the more severe forms of the disease which can cause a loss of bone. There are 3 important risk factors – family history, stress and smoking.

If you/your dentist have concerns Rajan would be happy to offer you a periodontal consultation.

This consultation appointment involves a detailed examination of the gums, x-rays if necessary and a lifestyle investigation to highlight risk factors. Treatments are tailored to each persons needs, and usually involves a course of non-surgical therapy. This is intensive cleaning under the gums into the pockets (gaps between the teeth and gums), with local anaesthetic to provide a clean toothsurface that is infection free and allow the gums to re-heal. With more advanced disease micro-surgery is sometimes required, this is very delicate surgery where the gum is gently lifted to allow access to the root surfaces, and if appropriate regeneration products can be used to restore lost bone.

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