Fixed braces

Fixed braces are designed to straighten and align your teeth. We use brackets and different strength wires to acheive a beautiful smile. Putting the braces on is very easy and straight forward. We polish your teeth so they are nice and clean, paint some varnish on them and stick the brackets on individually and then, using a special light, we set the glue. The wires are attached to the brackets using elastics and if you want colours you can.


Your co-operation

We will help you as much as we can by showing you how to look after the braces and how to look after your teeth and gums whilst you continue through your treatment. We recommend a special cleaning pack and will go through the contents of the pack with you so you know what to do at home. Your co-operation is very important as the brace will be your responsibility. Only you can keep it clean, look after your teeth and gums by good brushing, and attend your appointments regularly.


Whilst the braces are on, your diet is very important. We ask you not to chew gum as this will break your braces along with any foods that are chewy and sticky such as toffees and sweets. We also ask you to avoid fizzy drinks as they can stain your teeth and also cause dental erosion. Cutting down on the sugar in your diet is also advised. We want you to have a lovely smile at the end of your treatment, however your teeth are important to us and if we feel that the instructions we have given are being ignored, and there is a potential risk of dental decay or staining /erosion we will have very little choice but to remove your braces.
We ask you to avoid hard foods such as pizza crusts or hard crisps. If you eat apples please cut them up and eat them on your back teeth and carrots can be grated in to salads, it just means adapting slightly.

What to expect?

It will be a few hours after the braces are put on that you will feel any of the effects. Your teeth will ache and we recommend the pain killers that you would normally take for headaches. Ice cold water and ice cream are good as well; it helps to relieve the aching sensation. You will want to stick to a soft diet for the first week or so. Your teeth will ache a little after each time it’s adjusted which will be every 6-8 weeks.

Bad habits!!

Bad habits such as nail biting or chewing pens will damage your brace, we appreciate these habits are not easy to stop but we really do need you to try, so your treatment runs smoothly.

Breakages and problems

If you encounter a problem or break your brace please do not wait until your next appointment, give us a call and we will get you in as soon as possible. When your brace is broken it is not working and will prolong your treatment. Continuous breakages will be monitored and if we feel that your treatment has gone as far as it can, we will remove your braces.


When your treatment has finished and we remove your braces, we will take moulds for retainers. Retainers are the most important part of your treatment, and will stop your teeth from moving. If you do not wear your retainers as instructed your teeth will become crooked again!


Your appointments

Please try to keep your appointments; we will make adjustments to your braces, change your elastics, and change your wires. If you cannot make your appointment please give us at least 24 hrs notice

Useful Contacts

Rugby practice: 01788 572338
Nuneaton practice: 02476 353450
Hinckley practice: 01455 234758



Keeping your teeth nice and clean!

Whether you have your braces on, or you are waiting for your treatment to start, you have to make sure your teeth are nice and clean. It may be the case that your treatment can not start until your oral hygiene improves. If this is the case we can help.
We brush our teeth to rid our mouth of plaque. Plaque is full of bacteria, and if we took a scraping of plaque from your teeth and placed it under a microscope, you would be able to see the bugs moving around – pretty gross!!
All this bacteria within plaque can cause your gums to swell and become very puffy and inflamed and you may notice bleeding when you brush. Healthy gums do not bleed!! If you ever notice bleeding when you brush, it is your body’s way of telling you that you have not done a very good job when it comes to plaque removal, and you either need to work at your technique or routine. And we can help you with that.

Technique and routine

If you are awaiting treatment and do not have braces on, your routine should be brushing your teeth 2x daily for 2 minutes. 2 minutes can fly by when you are chatting to a friend or sending a text, but when it comes to your teeth it can seem like forever! A timer is a good idea, or using your phone. Try it and it will surprise you how long it really is.
You should be brushing your teeth before your breakfast in the morning and before you go to bed at night.
Your technique is very important; you must insure each tooth and every surface of each tooth is covered along with your gum line. The gum line is where the plaque collects, more so than anywhere else in the mouth, so it is very important not to miss them out.

What we recommend

Our technique is very easy and we will take the time to demonstrate it for you. We use it for patients with and without braces. If you divide your mouth into 4 sections, drawing an imaginary line down the centre of your mouth and one across. Starting on the upper right section, scrubbing in a “side to side” motion, when you get to the front tooth, move onto your biting surfaces, then onto the insides were the roof of your mouth is. Always start at the back on each surface, this ensures that the back teeth don’t get missed out.

Brushing around your brace

Start at the back, on the top right as suggested. Brush on top of the brackets with your special tooth brush from the pack we recommend. As shown in the picture below.

Go back to the back tooth again and brush above the brackets, you should be able to feel the bristles of the brush on your gum line.


Repeat this on all the other sections of your mouth. When you have finished, use the yellow TP brushes to brush in between the brackets and underneath the wire, this will ensure that all surfaces of the tooth are cleared free from plaque and food, clean the upper teeth and then the lower.
You need to brush your teeth 3x daily with the fixed brace on so inside the pack includes a travel toothbrush, a travel size tube of toothpaste and your yellow interdental brushes.


Mouth wash

We include a trial size mouth wash in the pack we recommend, which has a high content of fluoride in. Fluoride helps to keep the teeth strong whilst the braces are on. With or without braces fluoride is important and can be found in many mouth washes and tooth paste. We recommend Colgate total toothpaste and there is also a trial size sample in the pack.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them, and remember to look after your teeth and gums!!!