InVu Braces

InVu Braces provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to metal braces by using almost invisible white ceramic brackets to try and match the natural colour of your teeth. This makes them less obvious than standard braces or even other ceramic models that may use translucent or reflective materials. InVu uses innovative methods to make the braces more comfortable, stronger and safer to remove.



Your InVu braces not only look good they’re specially made for maximum comfort while they straighten your teeth.
• Super smooth, friction-free surface
• Gently rounded edges, won’t irritate your cheeks or lips
• Extra small, “low-profile” design is less bulky



The parts used in this process are smaller which means patients are less likely to have speech or swallowing problems.


How are they fitted?

InVu Braces are fitted in a similar way to standard braces, with impressions being made of the teeth before the ceramic brackets are manufactured and fitted to the teeth with cement. The brackets have a wire mesh on the back, meaning the ceramic brackets are not in direct contact with the tooth, making the removal easier.



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