This is suitable for patients who wear retainers, aligners and mouthguards. Effer-ves ® is an effective, tablet for cleaning all removable dental appliances.

Dental appliances have a slightly grainy surface that can, if not cleaned effectively, harbourmicro-organisms that can cause infections leading to serious health complications. We encourage you to use Effer-ves ® on at least a weekly basis (they can be used daily) using cold water only.

Used on a regular basis, Effer-ves ® is a tablet particularly formulated to kill bacteria that can build up on dental appliances, ensuring optimal oral health as well as removing stains caused by tea, coffee and tobacco, leaving the appliance and mouth feeling fresh and clean.



Retainers are the most important part of your treatment. We cannot stress this enough! When you have worked so hard looking after your brace, attending your appointments and showing real perseverance, it would be such a waste for you to not show good retainer wear. After all it is for your benefit. If you want your teeth to remain nice and straight, retainers must be worn!
Retainers are clear, and custom made to fit your teeth only. We will teach you how to put them in and take them out, and when they are in they are very hard to see, unlike the fixed brace.


Upper Removable Appliance

A removable appliance is made from a plastic plate with wires coming from the sides. These grip the teeth to keep the brace in place. Removable appliances have a limited number of uses, mainly because they are restricted to moving single teeth and widening either the upper or lower arches. They are not precision appliances and therefore cannot be used for complicated or fine tooth movements.


Twin Block appliance

Twin Block appliances are simple bite blocks that are designed for full-time wear. They achieve rapid functional correction of malocclusion by the transmission of favourable occlusal forces to occlusal inclined planes that cover the posterior teeth. The Twin Block appliance can be designed like any other removable orthodontic appliance with a variety of components such as expansion screws, springs and clasps.

Twin Block FPA 2

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