Surgical Extractions

You may have been referred by your dentist for an extraction of either a tooth or root. The most likely reason for this referral is that your dentist considers the extraction to be more complex than a routine extraction; there could also be a medical reason for your referral At Holywell House we routinely carry out more complex extractions and it is sometimes more appropriate for you to be treated by our team.


What treatment will be involved?

You may be treated under local anaesthetic (numbing the tooth). Depending on the reason for your referral current advanced techniques will be used to remove the tooth or root. This may involve lifting the gum away from the bone and a small amount of bone removal, or it may involved the remaining tooth portion to be sectioned. Each case is individual and will be discussed with you and explained thoroughly before you undergo any treatment.

Most treatments take on average 30 minutes.

Afterwards there may be some discomfort and you will either be advised on what pain killers to take, or may be prescribed something more specific by your surgeon.