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Minor Oral Surgery

At Holywell House we can offer Oral Surgery procedures privately and on the NHS under Local anaesthetic (you will not be put to sleep).

NHS patients must meet the referral criteria. 

We aim to provide the highest standard of care in a relaxed, friendly environment and we have trained staff available to answer any questions about the treatment you may have.

We are able to offer the following treatments:

  • removal of impacted teeth including third molars

  • removal of retained admins

  • removal of teeth and associated pathology

  • apicectomy and surgical endodontic procedures

  • exposure of impacted teeth

If you do not meet the referral criteria, these treatment options are offered at the following fees:

  • Assessment – £85

  • Surgical Removal one Tooth – £250, every additional tooth if done at same time £50

  • Surgical Removal of Wisdom Tooth – £350, if we can do another wisdom tooth on same clinic it is an extra £50 per tooth

  • Apicectomy – £350

  • Exposure Impacted Tooth – £250

  • Soft Tissue Work – £200

If you would like to know more, have a referral query or wish to book in please contact one of our reception team.

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